Software Development

Application software for efficient system management

A team of highly skilled software engineers develops a variety of software solutions that enable customers to manage their system optimally and efficiently with the help of the latest technologies.

INDAS’s software team develops applications software tailored to the actual needs and requirements of users. Our software solutions are keeping up with the times thanks to the constant monitoring and implementation of new technologies.

Core Competencies

  • Mobile communications that include data encryption and data protection during transmission
  • Industrial communications
  • Remote monitoring and control, telemetry
  • Hybrid communication solutions (combining radio transmission, WLAN, GPRS, 3G and wired communications) for monitoring, telemetry, and remote control
  • Mobile application development (Pocket PC, Windows mobile devices, Java mobile devices…)
  • Collecting large amounts of data from remote locations and visualizing them
  • Industrial Web SCADA systems
  • Event management software solutions with many participants

Developed Solutions

inVIEW IIoT Platform – Industry 4.0 Cloud solution for remote monitoring, control, and data collection. It is used to visualize and control any automated process or application using internet browsers, as well as to collect data from automation equipment or IoT devices. InVIEW IIoT Platform can be used in industrial, residential and infrastructure projects.

inVIEW Soft IoT Gateway – A software solution that turns any Linux or Windows based device into an industrial IoT gateway and allows IoT communication with other devices or with the Cloud. Industrial application is enabled by many supported industrial protocols for communication with equipment in the field.

Business Portal – Software solution for the organization of the company’s business, which includes records of working hours, records of resource consumption by projects, fleet and travel order management, system for quick reporting and connection with ERP software, fixed assets management, etc.

INDAS Smart Lift – Software package for management, monitoring and performance analysis of oil fields for various extraction methods (ESP, PCP, GL, SRP).

GEM – General Event Management software – Software solutions for event management with many participants (sports competitions, conferences, symposia). A solution that helps you with the successful organization and realization of big events.

TBP – Test Bench Protocoling Software – A software solution for water meter calibrations that includes a mobile application for data collection.